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You won’t believe how easy it is

How to easily germinate carrots! I’m here to walk you through to a beautiful crop of carrots this year.

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Now that we have our supplies, it’s time to get started.

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Your patch will look like this too

  1. Sprinkle just enough potting mix to cover the bottom of the plate.
  2. Mist to moisten the soil, but DO NOT soak.
  3. Sprinkle entire pack of carrot seeds eventually over potting mix.
  4. Place paper plate with soil and seeds into the gallon freezer bag and seal.
  5. Put the bag on top of a freezer or refrigerator out of the sunlight.
  6. DO NOT water, open, or remove plate for the next 4 days.

And now we wait . . .

. . . but not for long

In 4 days, check on your carrot seeds. There should be lots of little white sprouts all around which means that your carrot seeds have germinated. If not, place them back on top of your refrigerator or freezer and leave for another day or two. If you live in a cooler climate and your house tends to stay at a cooler temp, it could take just a little bit longer than the 4 days but not much.

Watch the video above to see exactly how it’s done.

Create a place carrots will love

Carrots need a nice loose soil for them to grow big and strong. I have planted all of our carrots so far, in the raised bed because the soil is rich with nutrients and easy to fluff up in preparation for planting carrots. Once your spot has been selected and the area amended and fluffed, just follow these steps:

  1. Brush back the top layer of soil in the chosen garden spot for your carrots.
  2. Remove the plate from the plastic bag.
  3. Sprinkle both carrots and soil all over the prepared bed.
  4. Take the soil that you had previously pushed aside and distribute over the carrot sprouts and whatever seeds haven’t yet germinated. They just might yet.
  5. Water gently to moisten. Seeds need a dark, warm, moist place to germinate.
  6. Continue to water gently, twice a day, until carrots have sprouted well.
  7. Once they are a couple of inches tall, fertilize with a liquid fertilizer every week or two until the tops are big and strong.

Then just let them grow and keep them watered but not soaked. Roots crops like water but they DON’T like a soggy soil because they will rot. We would love for you to share photos of your carrots and let us know how this method is working for you. For other posts with tips and tricks in the garden, just follow this link. So until next time . . .

Happy Homesteading!